survey, where's the justiceWhen I first started receiving surveys, I was flattered that anyone so deeply cared about my opinion. I knew it was all marketing, but still believed that these companies were interested in improving their products, services, or at the very least their customer service. I have a background in sales and marketing so I bought in. It’s logical …take it to the people. Let’s improve by giving them what they want.

My very first survey was a one page, ten question document that arrived via snail mail. There was a dollar bill taped to a very gracious thank you note, along with a stamped return envelope. I was nearly giddy that someone cared so much about my opinion…about me. I gave consideration to my answers and was careful to write in legible cursive.

Fast forward several years. Today I can’t purchase any item online without Survey Monkey popping up on my screen. Yet I have every pop-up blocker available. The questions are redundant. I answered the first dozen questionnaires and my answers were consistent. I find myself screaming at my computer screen, “You asked me this last week, dammit…I already told you! Hello? Anybody reading these? You don’t like my answers? Then stop asking me nimrod.”

The very worst offender is my cable provider who, I’m convinced, has a whole department dedicated to pissing off the customer by inundating them with email surveys, phone surveys, and old fashioned snail mail surveys, sans the dollar bill and stamped return envelope. Fact is, they repeatedly overbill me, and can’t provide the services they promised me, and when I do need a technician, seems he can’t fix what’s broken and they have to send another tech and this sets up another argument with billing. Yet the recording asks, “How would you rate your service today on a scale of 1-10 “Minus ten” I answer. “I’m sorry, we didn’t understand. Please use the numbers on your keypad.”

No matter how poorly I rate them, nothing changes. I can’t switch providers because there are none available to me. After complaining about a particularly inept technician, they sent the same tech to fix the problem he couldn’t fix in the first place. But my phone rang just after he left, “Hello,” the recording said sweetly. “We’re conducting a survey regarding your latest service call. Your opinion is important to us.” Right…

surveys, where's the justiceThat blatant lie has transformed giddy into rage. I don’t answer surveys anymore. It’s another good idea gone amuck by overuse. Hey, listen up corporate America! If your sales are declining, instead of scratching your head, READ the surveys. But I suspect, after all these many years of soliciting my opinion, that you don’t give a damn what I think.

Care to share a survey story?

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  1. Jackie, I love your post on survey. I thought I was the only one who is tired of it and has stopped filling them. At first I was excited that I had a chance to win one thousand dollars for my opinion but then it got to the point where a million dollars would not entice me.

  2. Cable companies are some of the worst out there. They have the ability to enrage even a very calm, easy-going person. Not long ago, Yahoo headlines called out a particular cable company on their enraging ineptitude. Very satisfying. Because THAT should impact their business.

    I will sometimes do surveys if it’s a real person. Mainly because I feel sorry for them having to do the surveys and probably getting hung-up on a lot.

    i agree that so many automated surveys are probably useless. Company collects data and acts as if that’s enough. Look at it? Transform it into useful information that can then be applied to their business? Blank look.

  3. Trapped into your own doing! At sometime or the other, everyone feels so. But having been into market research, I understand desperation at the other end. From Indies.

  4. I would rate this post, “Exceeded expectations.” When I actually take the time to fill in a survey, I get the feeling that my views are going into the black hole of Couldn’t Care Less.

  5. I hate surveys. I have got a pike of them in my email tray to answer. Hubby says I should write “Shove off nosey!” on them all. Dropped by form Indies Unlimited to say hello and spread the “lurve.”

  6. Surveys for rewards is done best through E-Rewards. Are you signed up for that? I get frequent flier miles every couple of months, although my carrier of choice no longer flies to my preferred destination so I am looking at the other reward options now too.

  7. How do you get on the email survey lists? I don’t get any survey requests, except on my receipt from my rare GAP purchase… (which I always INTEND to do, but I never seem to get around to it…) Surely, they will listen to MY opinion….(LOL)

    • Oh I am sure they absolutely would consider your opinion Golden! You must not but a lot online That’s how they get you! Or Comcast….the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I love and call the number on my West Ashley Taco Bell receipt… but never seem to win that free Ipad. I’ll take ten dollars!

    • Hahaha! Keep trying Kat! The difference, of course, is that they politely ask you to participate…they aren’t bombarding you with emails!

  9. *chuckle*
    Dearest Jacquie, this could have written by me! At least YOU are writing about something “useful” as surveys, while I’m complaining about celebrities. LOL
    I know EXACTLY how you feel and that’s why I personally don’t fill in surveys anymore either. It’s just a waste of time – my time, to particularly mention the problem. *grin*
    Nowadays I complain directly to whatever customer service is available and set them ultimatums. If they haven’t taken care of the problem within the set date and time I’m addressing the CEO, president, director or owner of the company directly, complaining about the original problem AND the customer service… *grin*
    I think the moment I got a certain amount of hits on my blog I’ll threaten them with publishing a blog post in the future. ROFL

    • Thanks for enduring my occasional rant! And what a great suggestion…threaten them with a blog. The modern day version of the flog and much more effective!

  10. The bummer part of this is that there are folks out there who DO read the surveys and very much determine their customer’s wants/needs from the collected data, so the survey bandits are ruining it for the rest of us!

  11. I understand. I’ve seen ridiculous surveys from marketing clones and political clones. They learn nothing. They aren’t even looking for answers. It is all the business of using manipulated data to graph a picture of whatever they wish to see. The purpose is to “explain” something they or their client wants the public to believe, but that it’s true or not doesn’t matter now, nor has it ever mattered.

    “The good question seeks to discover; the bad answer just tries to explain.” – from my journal

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