karma, where's the justcieSo you think you did everything right… made a vision board, meditated, dreamed about your goal and it still didn’t happen. You’re down and wondering Where’s The Justice when a kind friend takes your hand and soothes… “It wasn’t meant to be.” Whenever I hear it, I can’t help wondering, Huh? Who said so? And how do YOU know?

These are generally meant to be words of comfort and they are, right? Bingo…you’re off the hook and totally absolved from any responsibility. Now something that you can’t see, hear or smell decided that whatever specific goal you’re striving for, you can’t have. So what’s next? Make another vision board? Maybe check those affirmations in case your wording is skewed?

Personally, I’m not a good rider…I like to drive. If I failed to meet a goal, I go back and review my steps because I probably missed one. If there is something out of my control–– let’s say the economy or the state of publishing (my goal is to be published by a mainstream publisher)–– then I start looking for things that I can hands-on manage to increase my chance of success.

Do I pray? More times a day than I can count. Do I wish on a star? Every single time I see one. What do I pray for? I pray for wisdom so that I can see the path more clearly. Because frankly, when success comes about I want partial credit for making it happen. If the universe provided an opportunity, was I able to grasp and direct it? Did I exercise free will and as a result seal the deal?

Is this a different type of dependency that our culture seems to be fostering? Is this unwillingness to take responsibility for ourselves and our own actions now spread to our personal objectives? A sort of Karmic welfare? Are we lining up, hoping to cash in our Karma coins… you’ve ‘gone around’ now it’s time for something good to ‘come around?’

Maybe “it isn’t meant to be” because you missed a step or the timing is wrong. Research might even confirm that. To be honest, I find that a more plausible premise.

Believing in magic is well and good, but what about believing in yourself? Well, that’s another story! And I’d like to respectively suggest that only you can write that tale…[subscribe2]


  1. Hi, Jacqueline

    While I can’t agree that prayer and magic have anything in kinship, I do agree that we reap what we sow. I hear so many people complaining about being poor even as they punch numbers into their iphone. Now that’s a curious thing. A poor man spending the electric bill on a gadget.

    We must all learn to practice self-control, wise planning and good stewardship. Makes no difference between seeking to get published or seeking to lay aside funds for the day the car breaks down. Either way, we are accountable to ourselves, our family and God above all.

    Great article.

  2. I have blamed myself for everything “wrong” that has happened, I don’t know when things are going right. lolol Bottom line, one needs balance. It’s a combination of factors. We are responsible for what happens and on the other hand, we must give ourselves every opportunity to make what we want to happen more likely. That is not easy to do and if the time is not right, then we have to recognize that as such and that is not easy either. Regardless, there is no end to determination, focus and hard work and effort or shouldn’t be to help us not be resigned. 😉
    Annie Sullivan, Helen Keller’s teacher said, “Resignation is my version of original sin.” I like that.

  3. To use a cliche, you’ve hit the nail on the head. “It wasn’t meant to be” has always grated on me too because it implies that we’re powerless in the face of fate (whatever that is!) to affect our destiny. I like your attitude better.

    • Oh I doubt that you have to do that too much! I’m in the middle of your first book, “No Good Like It Is” and I think it is excellent work!

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