Mr. Weiner’s wiener…Where’s The Justice?

Who cares about Mr. Weiner’s wiener? I’m stunned that it’s moved so much REAL news off the front page. Seriously…Where’s The Justice?weiner, jacqueline gum, where's the justice

For example, the bonfire that Amanda Bynes started in somebody’s driveway. They hauled her off for a psychiatric investigation and then Mr. Weiner sexted his wiener again and BAM! I can’t get any more information on poor Amanda. Have they given her a formal diagnosis like… patient is totally bats**t? Does any one happen to know?

And did you hear that Keeping Up With The Kardashians is going off the air in 2015? OMG! Can you believe it? From what I understand, they have enough money to last several lifetimes and they want to go out on top like Seinfeld and Friends. I’m dying to know more. Particularly about how they mustered the chutzpah to compare their “reality” with these scripted, well-acted and much beloved iconic shows of the past. But here comes Mr. Weiner’s wiener…again!

And I got a whiff of a story about Lady Gaga going nude for V Magazine. Because she is known for her over the top outfits, I’m positively crazy to see this one. But I can only find pictures of Mr. Weiner’s wiener. Ewwwwww!

And what’s with Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux postponing a wedding date again? Oh No! Poor Jennifer. I’m praying that she doesn’t get dumped again. But just as I was looking for the real scoop, up pops Mr. Weiner’s wiener. (Excuse the double entendre please. It was too good to take a pass).

All this is to say that having been a news junkie since forever, I’m amazed at what passes for news these days. As if we don’t need or desire to be informed about the real stuff.

weiner, jacqueline gum, where's the justiceAll I’m sayin’ is that if Mr. Weiner’s wiener makes the cover of The New York Times Sunday magazine, or even People magazine, I’m cancelling my subscription to both.

Because let’s face it. In spite of what she publicly says, I can’t imagine that even Mrs. Weiner wants to talk about or look at Mr. Weiner’s wiener ever again.

What do you think about Mr. Weiner’s wiener making the headlines? Even though we may not need to share Mr. Weiner’s wiener any more than it has been, I’d be grateful if you’d share my post. :)[subscribe2]

28 thoughts on “Mr. Weiner’s wiener…Where’s The Justice?

  1. The majority of people in this world unfortunately love reading about rubbish. If a celebrity is having trouble they get a huge kick out of it knowing that they are not the only one going through a tough time.

    A lawyer in London who worked for The Daily Mail (similar to The New York Post) told me that they buy photos of celebrities and make up a story that sells. They know they will have to pay libel to the celebrity but it doesn’t matter since they sell much more papers. But people still read the stories and beleive them.

    • Yikes! That’s downright depressing! I guess if the public didn’t have an appetite for this nonsense, it would go away.

  2. Oh my! Are we grasping at weiners… er, straws… again? Are we going to suck up the news fed us, or question what happened in Benghazi, inside the I.R.S. and more, until we finally get the real answers?

  3. Holy crow!! Thanks for the laugh Jaquie! I was giggling all my way through your blog post. I’m glad I read yours now, this saves me a blog about Wiener’s…. LOL
    What a great, refreshing post!!

  4. Anthony Weiner? Yawn. Anything about the Kardashians? Ho-hum. I’m just not interested! Give me a story about whales in Puget Sound or the success of a high school athlete any day.

  5. Always astounded when ANY guy thinks that showing his junk to a woman lights her passion up! Keep it in your pants and use the other brain. Maybe the word ‘fidelity’ should be Googled by Mr. Weiner.

  6. Very humorous writeup. Enjoyed reading it. Yes, we’re tired of Mr. Weiner’s wiener. He needs medical attention. The citizens of NY City are too smart to NOT vote him as mayor

  7. Hilarious!!!! And yep – agree with the bunch – it’s not news anymore. Powerful men cheat – they’re genetically hardwired to spread their genes and impregnate as many females as possible. Why anyone is hardwired to watch endless news about it, or other reality TV is a mystery (save actual talent like the phenomenal dancing and choreography on So You Think You Can Dance, wee)

    • Thanks! Not sure I agree with the “hard-wired to cheat…spread their genes” thing. That would be depressing. I could buy into a theory that they display a total lack of control for short run satisfaction without ever considering the long term consequences…but I think some women display those qualities as well. As to endlessly watching news about “it”…I think that’s the point. Watching the news and endlessly trying to find something important or meaningful. And “IT”, as you say, is all that is presented. AND reality TV? Millions of people watch surreptitiously, never ever admitting what appeals to them or why. Like me…never have watched So You Think You Can Dance and am not inclined to 🙂 Watching bitchy women cat fight? That’s research:) LOL Gotta’ pump out these blogs ya know. But back to the point…these days, there isn’t much difference between reality tv and what they are foisting off on us as news.

  8. I agree. He needs to just go away. On the opposite coast, the mayor of San Diego has admitted to sexually harrassing women but refuses to step down. He’s doing 2 weeks in “rehab” instead. Two weeks will certainly impact life-long negative behavior choices. Seriously? Both of these men are an afront to all women. While I’m sick of hearing about them, the silver lining may be that all the attention helps to insult voters enough to ensure their political demise. The “Good Ol’ Boys” club needs to end and bad behavior needs to have appropriate, long term consequences….Oh, and while I’m dreaming of the way things should be, reality TV needs to get flushed too….just sayin’…..

    • I agree…they should ALL go away. A little depressing that public service is the new hang-out for perverts! Part of the problem is that he consequences are short-lived (public humiliation for a milli-second) and they’re back on a path to power because the public is so forgiving. But if you look at Mr. Weiner specifically…his contributions as a congressman were nill! I mean Where Is The Justice???? Thanks Dinah and I agree about reality TV…except for the Housewives of course 🙂 Guilty pleasure……………..

  9. This is hilarious and right on target. I’m a news junky too and it’s harder and harder to satisfy my addiction with all of the crap that is offered up. Is Mr. Weiner’s wiener newsworthy? Sure it is–one time! Report it and move on. Let the people decide how they feel about and what to do about it. Thankfully there are thought-provoking places to go (like this blog) to stimulate the brain. It’s not television and it’s certainly not “the news.” (That said, we could not have picked a better name for Wiener, though could we?).

    • Like we don’t have real issues to be concerned about right? How can we as citizens become pro-active for any cause, when’ we’re served this steady diet of “junk” news! And the name? Were I him, I would have pronounced it differently from an early age!

  10. Oh this is too much…Weiner’s second coming? I couldn’t believe he had the (another body part) to show his face (let alone his Anthony) again in politics. However, that’s the nature of the political beast- forgive and forget, allowing mediocre candidates to re-enter the arena. What? He can’t find a job in the private sector? Or, does ego take over common sense with these guys? Whatever the reason, please spare the rest of us from the daily exposure.

    • I agree…way too much of Mr. Weiner’s wiener. Ever wonder why the good clean cut guys don’t enter public service?

      • Weiner’s a news junkie too, only he wants to be the reason for the news. He’s as addicted to the spotlight as a hollywood train wreck (fill in your favorite name.) It will be a sad day if he’s elected to anything, he should just stick to porn. I hear it’s a very profitable industry.

        • Of course you are entirely right… Weiner lives for the spotlight, thinking it gives him power. If he wins the election, he’ll be right and that is disheartening. Good career change suggestion though…him getting into porn. Hope you emailed him, or tweeted him 🙂

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