Idioms…Where’s The Justice?

idiom Idioms...Wheres The Justice?I’m aware that I join legions of individuals who would like to see a few phrases banned from our current vernacular. Ranked highest among them is the phrase “it is what it is” and I have to agree.

Wikepedia defines this as, “An idiomatic phrase, indicating the immutable nature of an object or circumstance.”

When someone says this to me, I want to slap their face off. I see it promoting a culture of ambiguity. It says that there’s nothing to be done about it or worse, whatever the person said, you have nothing constructive to add. It’s so brutally hollow. I remember when people said, “Life sucks and then you die.” That seemed better. At least it implied judgment. Continue reading

Freedom… Where’s The Justice?

flag 300x241 Freedom... Wheres The Justice?Independence, freedom from tyranny. That’s what the Fourth of July is all about, right? While I celebrate our freedom from a tyrannical England and am deeply grateful to every solider who has fought every war to keep this nation free, I’d like to take it down a few notches and make it less global, more personal. Continue reading

Busy…Where’s The Justice?

busy Busy...Wheres The Justice?“Busy,” my friend responded to my query about her well-being. “Crazy busy!” It’s seems to be a badge of honor these days… a brag. To have to schedule a phone call with a friend, or scroll through your smart phone looking for a date for lunch that turns out to be a month away. Where’s The Justice? But I can see why people enjoy this complaint; it makes one feel important, sought-after and put-upon. Continue reading

Father’s Day… Where’s The Justice?

For those of you that have or have had fathers; for those of you who are fathers or expect to be one soon, I salute you and wish you a very happy Father’s Day.  My observations of today’s culture have led me to believe that fatherhood seems a harder job today. The expectations for a dad have changed since I was a kid. Continue reading

Cliff Notes…Where’s The Justice?

cliff notes1 Cliff Notes...Wheres The Justice?

Remember Cliff notes from your school days? The black and yellow striped pamphlets that condensed a literary classic like Homer’s “Odyssey” into a few pages were forbidden at my house. After all, both my parents had backgrounds in teaching.


Their idea was for me to become immersed in the literature, engage the language and come to know the characters because this was the key to knowing the whole story. Continue reading

Crepe…Where’s The Justice?

Just this week I was lifting weights in the gym per my usual routine. When I finished several reps of bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, front and lateral raises, I lowered the weights to the floor. My arms were hanging by my side, where they usually rest, when I noticed the skin on my bicep. It looked crinkly, even though there is a toned muscle underneath. Crepe! The word exploded in my brain. Continue reading

Communication…Where’s The Justice?

It wasn’t that long ago when communication choices were limited. Early on, some sent smoke signals but one had to gather wood and wait for a clear day. Some launched carrier pigeons and then came the pony express. We graduated to the telephone and mail service by rail, air or truck and usually a phone call or letter would elicit a response, even if it took some time. Continue reading

Ethics Violations… Where’s The Justice?

download1 Ethics Violations... Wheres The Justice?You can hardly turn on the local or national news, read a newspaper or political blog post without seeing the latest lowdown on some ethics violation(s) by some elected official. Let’s not forget sports and business. They yield a fair share of ethics complaints, too. Watching it all unfold is the new spectator sport and everyone is an armchair referee.

It begs the question… are we electing more ethically challenged officials these days or have we simply become more vigilant? Continue reading