Confessions of a Corporate Slut

In Confessions of a Corporate Slut, anyone who knows the last names of Spitzer, Sanford or Woods will recognize the story. The main character Roberta puts a mirror up to society and anyone who has familiarity with the corporate world and the culture of success will find something on nearly every page that rings true.Confessions of a Corporate Slut, Jacqueline Gum

A poignant, gritty story Jacquie has that rare talent to take real life events and craft them into a poignant, gritty story you can’t put down. She brings humor to her writing along with flawed, human characters. Jacquie uses Roberta, the sassy protagonist in Confessions of a Corporate Slut, to suck you into a man’s world of the restaurant supply industry where you feel her pain and celebrate her triumphs. It’s a crack that allows the reader to peer into a little known world and yet touches on the common themes of love, broken dreams, and renewal.” By Todd M

Confessions of a Corporate Slut has been awarded a 5 star rating by The Midwest Book Review.



In Jacqueline’s second novel, The Accuser’s Burden, a self-made, successful career woman grapples with haunting questions of loyalty, love, corporate intrigue and social justice when her husband commits an unspeakable crime against her best friend and mentor.

The Accuser’s Burden — Chapters 1-4

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A sneak peek at her work in progress, The Flame Dame Chronicles: After a nasty divorce, Grace Gunn leaves the frozen tundra of Wisconsin and heads for the sunny shores of Ft. Lauderdale. She figures there’s nothing better than a warm Atlantic breeze to usher in a new life. 

But being Midwestern and middle aged leaves her ill prepared when she moves into a new condominium to discover the building is also the domicile of a gaggle of gay men. 

Grace is sarcastic, funny and way too cool to be a fag hag. And so begin the misadventures of a new born flame dame.